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French-American Chamber of Commerce

1350 Broadway Phone: +1 (212) 867-0123
New York NY 10022 Fax: +1 (212) 867-9050
Our association remains the country's premiere organization for French-American business, providing members access to educational corporate events, high-level speakers, and exceptional networking opportunities. We offer international training opportunities for young people, trade services, member-to-member discounts, and an online directory of 17,000+ French Chamber of Commerce members worldwide. Whether a company is already present or is looking to establish itself in the metro-New York region, the FACC's in-house experts and extensive professional network are unique resources for bilingual, bi-cultural contacts that facilitate business development and growth.
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Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce

1177 Avenue of the Americas, 7th floor Phone: +1 (212) 541-0779
New York, NY 10036 Fax: n/a
As an independent, not-for-profit organization with headquarters in New York City, BelCham seeks to promote bilateral business relations between the United States and Belgium, unleash Belgian entrepreneurship, and connect like-minded professionals through networking events, referral services, and job placement. BelCham is the key non-governmental reference for Belgian-American Trade. Additionally, BelCham offers an array of lectures, workshops, and mentoring opportunities that provide continuing education and practical experience for recent college graduates and seasoned professionals alike. BelCham’s business networks extend to all economic sectors, so we are confident you will find what you need within our diverse community.
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Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce

500 Fifth Avenue, Room 1800 Phone: +1 (212) 246-7789
New York, NY 10110 Fax: +1 (212) 246-1366
The Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce plays a vital and active role in assisting Swiss companies in the United States and U.S. companies in Switzerland to expand their business.
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Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce

2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 700 Phone: +1 (240) 235-6060
Chevy Chase MD 20815 Fax: +1 (240) 235-6060
Welcome to the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce™ (RACC™)! We are the oldest bilateral trade association dedicated to the development of prosperous business relationships between Romania and the United States. The RACC™ conducts conferences, seminars, luncheons, and special events for member networking and to facilitate business development.
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The Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

205 E 42nd Street, Suite 16010 Phone: +1 (917) 414-1603
New York, NY 10017 Fax: n/a
The Finnish American Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1948 to protect, develop, encourage, promote and foster trade, business, financial or professional interests and commercial relations between Finland and the United States. The Chamber also strives to foster a more enlarged and friendly relationship between businesses interested or active in trade between Finland and United States, as well as to afford opportunities for its members to extend and continue social, cultural and educational activities on a strictly non-political, non-partisan basis for mutual benefit.
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Spain - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Ave, Suite 2600 Phone: +1 (212) 967-2170
New York NY 10118 Fax: +1 (212) 967-2170
Founded in New York in 1959, the Spain-United States Chamber of Commerce fosters the economic ties between Spain and the United States. Our continuing mission is to further, promote and assist in the expansion of bilateral trade and investment between these two countries. The Chamber is a not-for-profit, membership institution that represents the interests of companies that have established, or are interested in establishing business and commercial relations between Spain and the United States.  The Chamber brings together businesses – ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations.
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Luxembourg-American Chamber of Commerce

17 Beekman Place Phone: +1 (212) 888-6701
New York NY 10022 Fax: +1 (212) 935-5896
Founded in 1991, the Chamber has grown into a vibrant organization, encouraging dynamic trade relations between Luxembourg and North America. The LACC provides access to decision-makers on both sides of the Atlantic and disseminates relevant information through numerous seminars, networking events and its publications. It is dedicated to fostering close ties and unique business opportunities amongst its members. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is at the heart of Europe, home to major European institutions and businesses from around the world. Due to its political and social stability, competitive business environment, state-of-the-art infrastructures, highly trained and multilingual workforce and excellent living and working conditions, Luxembourg offers an outstanding framework for doing business in Europe.
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Danish American Chamber of Commerce

One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 885 Second Ave, 18th Fl. Phone: +1 (646) 790-7169
New York, NY USA 10017 Fax: n/a
Welcome to the Danish American Chamber of Commerce New York. Our goal is to make your business grow by providing valuable contacts and information. We assist and work together with other organizations engaged in commerce between the two countries, such as Danish and US trade organizations and other Danish Chambers of Commerce located in the United States and Denmark. Furthermore, we have a close cooperation with the Danish Consulate General in New York.
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BritishAmerican Business

52 Vanderbilt Avenue, 20th Floor Phone: +1 (212) 661-4060
New York NY 10017 Fax: +1 (212) 661- 4074
BritishAmerican Business has grown to become the leading transatlantic business organization, dedicated to helping companies connect and build their business on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Ireland Chamber of Commerce - USA

556 Central Ave. Phone: +1 (908) 286-1300
New Providence NJ 07974 Fax: +1 (908) 286-1300
As the leading networking organization between the U.S. and the island of Ireland over the past 20 years, The Ireland Chamber - United \ States is a bit player in Ireland's larger economic success. We are a non-profit membership organization that actively promotes the business interests of our members and the development of economic, commercial, financial and educational relationships between the United States and the island of Ireland. Our membership consists of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in the U.S., Ireland and Northern Ireland.
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Portugal-US Chamber of Commerce

733 Third Ave, 22nd Floor Phone: +1 (212) 557-0025
New York NY 10017 Fax:
The Portugal–US Chamber of Commerce in New York was founded in 1979 to stimulate economic development, trade and investment, and cultural exchange between the United States and Portugal. As a member of the Association of Portuguese-American Chambers of Commerce (APACC), it works closely with its counterparts in Portugal, Canada, and across the United States to promote shared interests in Portugal and expose the vast economic opportunities of the country. The Chamber provides its members ongoing opportunities to network with individuals also engaged in Portugal-US affairs as well as numerous channels by which they can obtain essential bilateral support and information. Since its inception, the Chamber has served as a forum where individuals can unite to discuss and promote their interests. The Chamber attempts to foster a sense of community by planning events that capture and capitalize on the diversity of its members. These events vary from illustrious dinner galas and meetings with foreign dignitaries to informal luncheons and cocktail hours. The Chamber is always open to suggestions from members in order to better serve their needs.
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The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

570 Lexington Avenue, 20th Floor Phone: +1 (212) 838-5530
New York NY 10022 Fax: +1 (212) 838-5530
In 1906, eleven prominent Swedish businessmen gathered in New York to establish a Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce. Such an organization was deemed vital for trade and the furthering of economic relationships between the United States and Sweden. Today, the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York is the largest in the world outside of Sweden and an important meeting place for Swedish-American businesspeople and interests. This only seems natural when you consider that Sweden has the world's oldest trade \ agreement with the United States, signed in 1783 in Paris by Benjamin Franklin and Count Carl-Gustaf Creutz (later the first Swedish ambassador to the United States). The Chamber remains true to its mission: To promote, advance and protect direct commercial relations between the United States and Sweden. The Chamber's main resources are its members and its lengthy experience. By leveraging its unique network and a century of Swedish-American business, it is well positioned to help you facilitate any kind of venture.
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Cyprus-US Chamber of Commerce

805 3rd Ave, 10th Floor Phone: +1 (201) 444-5609
New York NY 10022 Fax: +1 (201) 444-0445
The Cyprus – U.S. Chamber of Commerce incorporated in 1997 and the inauguration was held on September 10th, 1997 at the Harvard Club in New York City. The Cyprus-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting trade and investment flows between Cyprus and the United States and to foster business opportunities and closer ties amongst its own members and the greater business community in the United States.
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Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce

780 Third Avenue, 6th Floor Phone: +1 (212) 629-6380
New York, NY 10017 Fax: +1 (212) 564-9281
The Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce was formed over 50 years ago for the purpose of promoting and strengthening the economic and cultural ties between the United States of America and Greece. Since that time, our organization has grown and its scope has broadened beyond the express purpose of fostering and developing commercial and trade relations between Greece and the United States. Beyond its traditional commercial role, the Chamber administered the "George E. Athans Scholarship Fund" (prior to entrusting it to the Office of Financial Aid at New York University), and continues to assist in the selection of its recipients. The Chamber honorees for achievement have not been limited to commerce but have come from the arts and politics as well. The Chamber has co-sponsored investment seminars and hosted political leaders. The Chamber today is a multifaceted organization that offers different things to different people and provides a network and forum for its members to meet, interact, and exchange ideas. It is a vehicle from which to gain an additional perspective.
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German American Chamber of Commerce

75 Broad Street, 21st Floor Phone: +1 (212) 974-8830
New York NY 10004 Fax: +1 (212) 974-8867
The German American Chamber of Commerce® (GACC™) New York fosters the economic ties between Germany and America. Founded in 1947 it now \ also comprises branch offices in Philadelphia and California. The GACC New York offers a wide range of services to the Northeastern and Western states. Benefiting from being close to Silicon Valley the California branch mainly supports trendsetting industry sectors such as IT, biotechnology, renewable energies, semi-conductors and nanotechnology.
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US-Austrian Chamber of Commerce

165 West 46th Street Phone: +1 (212) 819-0117
New York NY 10036 Fax: +1 (212) 819-0117
The U.S. Austrian Chamber is a non-profit membership organization established in New York in 1946. Its mission is to promote the development of business, educational and personal relationships between the United States and Austria. The Chamber provides a platform for the exchange of information and ideas through networking events, seminars and support services. Members include multi-national corporations, business, service professionals and individuals. Through alliances with other European and US chambers on both sides of the Atlantic the US Austrian Chamber enhances business and networking opportunities for its members.
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Italy-America Chamber of Commerce

730 Fifth Avenue, Suite 502A Phone: +1 (212) 459-0044
New York, NY 10019 Fax: +1 (212) 459-0090
Founded in New York in 1887, The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce (IACC) is an independent, private, not-for-profit US Corporation devoted to fostering trade, tourism, investments and economic cooperation between Italy and the United States. The Chamber is a founding member of the European American Chamber of Commerce for the U.S. (EACC), is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America (U.S. Chamber) and with Assocamerestero, the association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad which represents more than 70 Chambers all over the world. The IACC brings together individual entrepreneurs, as well as businesses, advancing the interests of its members through contact and interaction with government agencies, trade associations and international organizations both in the United States and in Italy. One of the Chamber¹s roles is to provide assistance and training for future generations of managers and entrepreneurs. This is attained through the Young Executive Committee¹s activities and also through the IACC J-1 Visa Exchange visitor program.

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